House of Cards
Cast.Location.Plot, plotting, dirt, emotions, passion - in one shiny (yet grey) package.
Not enough episodes. Need more.
5.0You guessed it, we LOVE it.
the LUSTER factor

Just watched the third episode of House of Cards season 3. And… Seriously, how magnificent is it?

An adaptation of the BBC’s series of the same name (which was originally based on Michael Dobs’s novel), House of Cards is the mother of all political dramas out there. Even those who were actually born before it. It is the cherry on top of the ‘small screen cream’ of the last five years. It is a work of art. In case you haven’t started watching it yet, just read this (gushing, I’m sure you’ve figured) review.

The Actors
Kevin Spacy as Frank Underwood shines like the bright star that he is. The long time actor manages to bring depth and honesty to the character, so much so, it seems it was made for him like a tailored suit. The character in turn, seems so be the optimal environment for Spacy to really excell in portraying The multi-facetted modern day Machiavelli.

Robin Wright, as Claire Underwood, a true awe inspiring ice queen (with an emphasis on queen. Sorry, on ice. I mean…). Mrs. Underwood is so much more than your avarage politician’s wife, a character which requiers a mature yet fresh approach from the actress. And man does she deliver. Wright brilliantly incapsulates the sharp contradictions in Claire’s personality; at one moment displaying softness and warmth (a side which only a few chosen people get to see), and revealing an unapologetic ruthlessness at another.

Michael Kelly as the most convincing “political aide that never stops”, Kate Mara, “the most opportunist reporter in the east coast”, Gerald McRaney as a champion of manipulation and corruption, Sakina Jaffrey as the president’s powerhouse Chief of Staff, and many more.

The Storyline
Fascinating, sweeping, authentic, and evolutionary. Although the seasons are tightly linked on the time continuum, each one has its own angle, and its own plot (and plotters…). It evolves and doesnt stay in the same place. Watching the thirs season, I literally started to nostalgize the first season 🙂
And, to me, as an International Relations graduate, it just doesn’t get any better than that: politics, money and power in DC. Need I say more?

Ingenuity, Innovation, Boldness.
Of these, the series has plenty. It is what they would call in art, an avant-guard.
Although in its base lays a generations-old philosophy, it is manifested here at full volume, and with such an honest approach to the realm of politics… Such that was missing from the entertainment landscape.

Dialogues, Monologues
The dialogues are bountiful. Witty, yet not pretentious. They are virtuously designed to keep you on your toes, but not in a forced manner. They are fascinating and worrying at the same time.
The monologues are priceless and sort. Our private time with Frank Underwood, an exclusive access to craftiest mind in TV.

The Directors
Some of the biggest names are consistently bringing out the best of this marvelous concoction.

Therefore my dear readers, all that is left for you to do is sit back on the couch, and delve into the (fictional?) world of DC power.