Glow Galore
silky smootheasy to useinexpensivevery hydrating
too amber in color (may bee too orange for some)post-tan lingering scent
4.2GARNIER Ambre Solaire
color (shade, tone)
ease of application
final result (smoothness)
Does what it says on the tin

☀️ Summer is at its peak and we are all looking like we just came out of a pool of cinnamon and argan oil magic ✨ right? Well…. NO. This is why I want to tell you about a very effective ‘Vacation in a Bottle’ product to help with your self/fake tanning efforts.

There are TONS of products and options in the market, some very high end, some in the middle and some are simple drugstore/hight street options. This post, fortunately for your bank account – is of the latter.

It all started when I needed a quick fix to the paleness of my legs, as I was preparing to wear a 60’s styled white lace mini-dress.  Since I don’t usually fake-tan, I didn’t want to go for a pricy option right at the start; however I still wanted a reliable brand, and a nice effect. Garnier, of which I am quite fond in general, were having a promotion – so I grabbed their Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer off the shelf. Sounds easy paesy, and it was.

Simply put, it was awesome! I dont have too much experience with fake tanners for comparison, but It was all I needed: a light glowy tan (although a tad too orange and could use a bit of red undertones), very nice scent (until it evaporates and then you get the usual self tanner scent…), not uncomfortable, not streaky (if you follow the rules for self tanning self tanning 101) AND cheap! 💰

So fear no more, and glow galore!