Saying trobing and contouring is like saying lip gloss and liquid lipstick. Saying highlighting and strobing is like saying lip balm and lip gloss. They all do the same – color your lips. Coat you lips.Only in slightly different ways. Therefore, strobing is only a novelty as far as BRANDING goes. Technique, products, and effect are the same as highlighting.

Still, a few nuances stem from the different associations affeliated to those two terms.

What are the you ask? Well…

While HIGHLIGHTING, as we all know, can be achieved with sheer products that add shimmer, and an emollient-like sheen (if they are liquidy or creamy, like MAC Cream Color Base) AND with opaque base-like products (of the foundation family like foundations, concealers, touche illuminators, bb cc creams, powder foundations and all sorts of banana pinky or orangy powders); STROBING is typically achieved using only the sheer type highlighters, preferably the sort that owe there highlighting properties to emollients and the moisture that’s in them.

That being said, there is no point denying STROBING as a beauty phenomenon, or shold I say, a trend. It is clearly a reaction to the very heavily striped faces we are used to seeing on social media (theKim K-esque contouring&highlighting). In fact, the Strobing look,  before being termed, was seen on catwalks for years now – precisely to counter the heavy cake faces.

One last VERY IMPORTANT thing is: on the contrary to common belief (which is currently being spread by beauty gurus all over YouTube) – you can still contour and bronze while strobing. It ALL depends on how you do it, how much you do it, and most importantly, how you DON’T to OVERDO it.

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