We are what we eat. Or so they say… Here’s how BEAUTY is also YUMMY ?

  1. ? Tomatoes – nothing says summer more than a freshly made bruschetta with tomatoes and olive oil. Leave tomatoes fresh or cook them for an even higher concentration of the magic component – Lycopene. Lycopene helps protect skin from UV damage (don’t forget sunscreen though!). They are also full of Vitamin C which helps build Collagen, one of the materials naturally responsible for plumpness and firmness of the skin. A home-made tomato sauce is also a good way to go. Good news for all pasta lovers!
  1. Cucumbers (gotta work on that one, @emoji…) – I love cucumbers during summer. There’s something so refreshing about them. They smell like a splash of water, and when cool, are an excellent mask-pads on puffy eyes. But than’s not all. On top of hydration, which is key for better looking skin, their peel’s silica helps promote… you guessed it – Collagen production. It seems as though an Israeli Salad is going to be a regular in my menu.
  1. ? Green Tea – I am a sucker for tea. All year long. Going green puts Catechins and Polyphenols in your body. The former helps prevent sun damage, and the latter, are antioxidants that fight free radical damage, and may even reverse effects of aging. Can’t stand the heat? Have an iced-tea instead!
  1. ? Watermelon – Ain’t no summer without watermelon. Our old friend Lycopene and Vitamin C are already in there… AND Potassium which regulates the balance of nutrients and water in cells.
  1. ? Grapes – Countless are the anti-aging beauty products that flaunt their vine origins. If we pay a lot to put them on our face, why not pay less and just eat them (or both ?)? The magic component here is Resveratol. Found more in red rather than white grapes.


* Disclaimer: I am by no means a professional. This article is in no way a replacement for a professional’s opinion or advice. This is a collection of information found on the web about yummy summer food.