Dear readers, these are difficult times for law abiding, fundamentally good people. Terror is an ongoing threat, as has been for decades. Only it got worse. What is different? The world. What exactly? Everything about it. As globalization intensifies, and phisical borders blurr, social media and texhnology give an even greater meaning to the ever so popular term “global village”. People have never been never closer to one another as they are now. But that’s only part of the picture. The darker side of earth reveals an ugly picture, drawn by extremists whos goal is to destroy the winds of change and progress. And, sometimes, confusinlgly enough, they would actually use the very same tools that are the fruits of openess and progress to kill it from within.

Deep chasms are fragmenting global society, and take us a big step towards the fulfillment of Huntington’s War of Civilizations.
Who are these evil forces responsible you ask? Fundamentalists, terrorists, ISIS, hamas, sereal violators of human rights, hypocrits. Much like Spectre from Fleming’s James Bond, these might as well have sat around a big round table, deciding how to bring an end to the world as we know it.

Common trait: HATE.
There is nothing these people do better. They hate. Hate all that is different, all that does not settle with their point of view about the world – that is deemed useless, dangerous, malignant, and deserves nothing but… swift termination.

Whether striving to attain the a-bomb, or to crudely dismiss another’s claim on twitter, these people have no notion of acceptance, mercy, morality or co-existence. It is their way, or, no way.
This dismissive-of-all-that-is-not-us MO becomes a huge problem once violence is added to the mix.

And now, to my own experience.
As I’m sure many of you do, I have my convictions regarding the surge of voliolence in Israel is the past few weeks. And whereas the number of opinions in Israel is about the number of Israeli citizens, it always seemed to me that the murder of innocent civillians was considered a big NO NO. Not only here, but throughout the world. Apparently, I was wrong. Surprisingly enough, some of this world’s occupants believe a Palestinian stabbing a person – who just went out for milk – because they are Israeli, is actually acceptable because their government is believed by some to be taking the land of Palestinians.
And although the claim to the land of the Palestinian people could be contested by many, as could the Israeli’s claim, what cannot be denied is the imorality (on top of illegality) of murder. One’s government position DOES NOT warrent one’s murder, or any type of sick vendetta. Still, this is the violent and cruel way of Palestinian terrorists.
This tuesday, I was having a #twitterTakeoverTuesday on @theplaintalkobserver.
It slowly but surely became clear to me that the reason for people’s rage toward Israel can only be one of two:
1. Lack of knowledge.

2. Anti-Israeli (or anti-Jewish) notions, that are tantamont to racism.

Sometimes a combination of the two.

As you probably know, this magazine’s main goal is to promote healthy and respecting discourse between people. And while people don’t have to be like-minded, it would be best if they respected one guideline at least: treat others as you wish to be treated. So, I am willing to hear different opinions, to which I like to answer, challenging you, and myself. I appreciate the fact that two people with vast difference in opinion and point of view can talk to one another. The problem is, what I have experienced was nothing but a civilized attempt to talk.
Opinions change. People evolve. Politics is to be questioned. But some things don’t change, they can’t evolve, and must not be questioned. One of which is the value of human life. The killing of the innocent is WRONG. Period. No matter where or when. Having everyone condemning the murders of Israeli passersby would really mean a lot, only, not everyone do that. A lot of people seem to think that while it is wrong to kill Palestinians, which it is; it’s ok to kill Israelis. Why? Because they are the ‘occupiers’, the ‘land snatchers’, the ‘suppressors’, living the ‘good life’… Sorry for this but – BULLSHIT.

There cannot be a more hypocritical way to think and behave.
How come human rights organizations are all over the the media and judicial international arena when Israel attacks terrorists and (regrettably) Palestinian are hurt, but when palestinians TARGET AND HURT ISRAELI CIVILLIANS – they are silent?
Why isn’t world media starteled by the current Israeli situation as much as they were back in the summer of 2014 in Gaza?
How come Israeli lives are worth less than Palestinian lives?
And why oh why do I have to even ask these questions??
I am sick of this. We are sick of this. The good people of Israel who wish nothing but to peacefully coexist have had enough of the perceptional distortion which is borderline defamatory. We are sick of the discrimination, YES, WE are sick of the discrimination. We are sick of the fact that world leaders and people of the world see the death of a Palestinian far graver than the death of an Israeli. We are offended by the fact than there’s an Arab-Israeli MK, Dr. Ahmed Tibi who refuses to condemn a 13 year old terrorist, because according to him, Israeli behavior is pushing Palestinians to commit murder. We are sick of fighting for the recognition that killing an israeli is unequivocally wrong.

Politics and opinions are things to fight for. Absolutes of morality are not. One may try to convince, debate, defend, and attack all that is political. Absolutes of morality are to be recognized once and for all, by all.
And although this is not necessarily actively denied, silence in light of the situation is also very bad.

Because some things we shouldn’t have to fight for.