Whether it’s a lazy Sunday, or one of them hectic work days, we could all use with some quick yummy and not-too-bad-for-you breakfast we can prepare to go with our coffee #☕️.

Well, this is what i’m here for guys. Read and learn ?.



1 Bananna

chocolate of your liking

You will also need:

a microwave


How To:

Step 1:   Cut your banana to small circles.

? If you want to prepare the snack TO-GO, cut it to 4 wedges.

Step 2:   take some chocolate, put in a microwave-safe little bowl. ?

Step 3:   warm slowly on low heat in the microwave.

Remember: don’t let it burn. It may look solid, but after a few minutes (depending on the quantity and heat) it will melt as you touch it.

Step 4:   drizzle liberally on your banana disks, or, coat your banana wedges while leaving a free end for a nice touch ?.

Step 5:   Let it sit for a minute to let the chocolate set, and prepare your coffee.

Now you have an express-breakfast plenty of energy and yumminess to satisfy you when you don’t feel like fussing on a Sunday morning, or whenever you forget to set the alarm… ⏰


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[This is part 1 of our Quick-Brekkie series. Stay tuned for more to come!]