We all get them. We all hate them. Under-eyes after a night of partying are a nuisance to say the least. Some of us even have to go to work or uni tomorrow…

So here are my tips and tricks to deal with this situation.. ? Enjoy!

Drink water

This is something you need to keep up with regularly, but let’s face it, non of us really does… They say yous should drink 8 glasses a day, so… I’ll be happy with five ? (Again, let’s face the reality of my caffeinated life…).


Don’t eat too much salt

Acting on the contrary to watee, salt makes undereyes prone to… How should I put it..? Unattractiveness ?. Excessive sodium in your blood draws water out of your cells and into your tissues, which may result in the puffiness we all want to avoid…


You booze, you lose.

Another cause for distress to the under-eyes is alcohol. And although it can practically be crowned as a New Year’s symbol, alcohol is resll bad for you skin and whole appearance. So, if you want to look fresh for the 1st day of 2016 – drink very little, and if possible, not at all.


Red lipstick is your friend.

Whether you like how it looks on you, or not, mixing just a tiny bit of red pigment, safe for the facial skin and under-eyes (so check you lipstick beforehand) with your concealer – creates a pinkish corrector for darkness under the eyes, without much expense (assuming you have a red lipstick. If not, shame on you…).


zzzzzzzz (stating the obvious)

OK. I know New Year’s is not about sleep, but try and get some before you party. Sometimes, even mere 20 minutes in the afternoon make a difference and have a ‘pick-me-up’ effect on your skin and under-eyes.


Been there, tried that.

After youv’e tryed everything, and it’s now time to face the world – take a few minutes with two slices of cuecumber – fresh from the fridge. Coolness depuffs under-eye bags, and the cuecumber goodies benefit your skin’s general appearance.


Rise, de-puff, and shine!

Have a wonderful #2016,


✨ Yours, @BlushlyCheekson and the entire Plain Talk Observer team! ✨


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