“I’m proud of the campaign that we’ve run to unify our country”, said Bush, “I firmly believe the american people must entrust this office to someone who understands that whoever holds is a servant, not the master, someone who’d commit to that office with honor and decency.”

Two main messages could be extracted from his seven-minute speech: choose a humble (republican) president, and a one that will bring back greatness to America. If there’s anything to be said about Mr Bush is that he is humble; something that shone through throughout his campaign, perhaps showing us that politicians don’t really have to be… well, full of themselves, dismissing everything and everyone else. In fact, it is very hard to miss what I believe to be a reference made by Bush to fellow campaigner Donald Trump, who is definitely not the servant type. Trump have rarely missed an opportunity to attack Bush, or any other of the candidates for that matter, running a somewhat confrontational campaign.
The second message however, is of geopolitical significance rather than campaign-related. In fact, it represents to a large extent the republican philosophy to contemporary presidency, with the claim that in order to remain great, the US must reclaim a greater grip throughout the world, be more involved in worldly affaires, even when the don’t directly involve her. I guess you could call it a move away from the somewhat isolationist inclination led by president Obama for the past seven years.

Perhaps we will see another Bush as a president, maybe he’ll even hold an office in the next administration. One thing is sure, this race to presidency is unclear, eventful and thankfully, very interesting.