Why is the gender-based inequality the unfinished business of the 21st Century?

A few months ago I was broadcasting on Periscope, talking about the US election. Before Trump became Drumpf, before the e-mails and Benghazi…

During the broadcast someone asked me who would I want to see becoming president. And I said: Hillary; getting all excited about a woman ‘running the world’. ? . A few seconds later, someone commented saying ‘wanting a WOMAN as president wasn’t a legitimate consideration’. My first reaction was to take the defensive: since I’m not an American, I don’t vote and therefore am ‘free’ to wish and imagine, because I have no influence anyway.

However, the more I thought about it, the less his claim made sense to me. WHY IS IT not okay to choose your president just because she is a woman? I asked myself, feeling somewhat silly and shallow.
And so, I started thinking what ARE the actual reasons leading people to vote for their candidate. Well, that’s pretty simple, we vote for the ones WE believe will serve our interests in the best way possible, thereby making our life better. For example, as a young and penniless student, I would vote for the party whose main goal is to make housing for students cheaper and lowering college tuition.
If I put my identity as a woman/male feminist first though, I would probably prefer a party whose core values and agenda advance women’s rights and equality. SO FAR, nothing special.

The critical question is DOES THE PARTY MUST BE PREDOMINANTLY OR ALL FEMALE? Is it more important for me to have young student representatives and leaders as a young student? Women parliament members and or a female president as a feminist?

While my answer to the first question is: no; my answer to the second is: YES.
Why? Because when it comes to a population that has been discriminated by governments for decades (at the very least) – a reality in which one member of the group becomes leader of the free world (or any leader for that matter) is of great importance.

A female president would inevitably further gender equality. The day we wake up knowing a woman is (arguably) the most powerful person in the world, may actually be the day gender pay-gap – one of the most severe problems in todays society – will no longer be an issue to be ignored.

And now, to the best part: who ignores this issue nowadays? Non other than women. Although they are not alone, since men demonstrate equal indifference to the problem, THEY ARE THE ONES THAT MATTER.

As history teaches us, every political battle that ended in victory of the challenger of the status quo – was fought by the very same people who needed that victory the most. No one is going to fight your battle for you.

On this International Women’s Day, I call on YOU women of the world: you’ve gotta fight for your right to be treated as equals. And to paaarté of course. ☺️

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