It is no secret many of us grew up watching Monica, Ross, Joey, Rachel, Chandler and Phoebe live their lives moving between their typical New York flats and the legendary Central Perk. But to all of you who thought they knew all there is to know about the the show that is responsible for most of the 90s hottest hairstyles, here are a few facts that will blow your mind!

1 – There is a scene in which Rachel is not Rachel (!)

What IS this fraud?!?

img_6967 rachel


2 – The Cental Perk couch was actually reserved by the gang.

A reserved sign shows up in so many chapters on the table, you wouldn’t believe it!

perk1    perk2 perk3  perk5


That explains the unlikely scenario of having it available for years and years just like that. in New York.

3 – There is a scene in which Monica is not Monica (!!)

Not again… This is somewhat disturbing.




4 – Phoebe’s husband…

Was supposed to be David the scientist who left for Minsk during season 1! Paul Rudd, who played the lovely Mike, was appaently such a good fit for the show, and the chemistry between him and Lisa Kudrow was just like magic – that they decided to changethe stotyline. Paul Rudd is definitley one of my favorits! How disappointing for Hank Azaria (who played David) though…



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