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Welcome to The Plain Talk Observer – an online opinion magazine based in Israel. Here we write down our opinions on a myriad of subjects, and try to open a discussions on as much topics as we can. Our goal is to make your day more interesting and entertaining. We want you to learn new things and keep updated on what matters, but also smile as you go through this site. 🙂
Mainly though, we want to make room for OPINIONS. Ours, and yours.

We believe conversation is priceless, and want to share it with you.

As this is an opinion magazine, all of the articles (postes) hereby represent merely opinions.

We are not seeking to establish any facts. However, we strive to base our opinions only on facts, and be as impartial as we can.

This also means that the reviews posted here represent their writers own thoughts, and based either on a personal experience and/or judgement (we do not claim to be professionals, unless stated otherwise).

We were not paid to promote any products, nor have we received products for free to review.

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